Program: Live/Work Artist Compound 
Collaboration: Proposal developed with Chick Rabourn
Location: Marfa, Texas, USA



MARFA RODEO HOUSE answers the project brief for a live/work residency space set on a quiet residential street in Marfa, TX. Using Marfa’s heritage of the rodeo and cattle structures as its basis for a light-weight and flexible program, the project proposes few thermal zones for living amidst raw spaces for working. Dirty typologies (the stable, the shed, the corral) become art-production spaces with open and adjustable plans while a brick hearth structure anchors communal programs - cooking, eating, and bathing. The American cowboy, often described via The Marlboro Man couldn’t be further from Marfa’s own past. A couple blocks from our site sits an old adobe house owned by descendants of a Buffalo Soldier, an all-Black cavalry who served on the western frontier. It is the summer of 2020. in the middle of a lockdown, but only months after Lil Nas X smashed country music stereotypes and only weeks after the death of George Floyd. A Compton Cowboys poster is folded up in my glove compartment. It is not my first rodeo.


30.319560, -104.018189

Thinking about Barragan's Fountain.