TYPE: Installation 
LOCATION: SoHo, New York, 2019




THERE IS NO MIDDLE is a project that investigates the effects of traffic control, automation, and regulatory practices within the realm of an infrastructural architecture. Looking at Marquette, Nebraska as its site, this project begins with the claim - There Is No Middle - as an assertion that ‘Middle America’ has no specific boundary or perfect definition. The middle is not a center. The middle is not a point. The middle is not a Place, it is simply a state, a condition of failure to be either here or there. The middle is always to be traversed, to be worked through, to be passed by. (In that sense it is also temporal.) This interest in the middle is not so much an interest in topographic position as much as it is about the peculiarities and characteristics that come about in the process of ‘middling’.

THERE IS NO MIDDLE is accompanied by a printed handbook (MIDDLING IN AMERICA)  and three automated, talking consoles.